Triumph tigress 250 cc scooter

I got interesting in this when someone wanted parst for on clist. I m guessing if theres less the 100 left in the usa/ canada.
The Triumph Tigress, also sold as the BSA Sunbeam, was scooter designed to have good performance and handling motorcycle. The 250cc model had a cruising speed of 55-60 m.p.h. ( top 70) and petrol consumption of 120 m.p.g. Non CVT tranny. I ll never see one in person but it's interesting that they could make a 250 cc engine 40 years ago that got 120 mpg . It's got almost the same speed as a helix. To bad they aren't making something like it now.

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That are comprable to in style (Retro) and price ($2,799) the Kymco Like 200i LX. either 250 cc or 200 cc ?

Does anyone make Clutch plates for the 250cc Triumph Tigress, also sold as the BSA Sunbeam scooter engine? It seem that some people use the engine for custom builds. thanks.

For you guys with 50 cc. scoots, I have a question...

In VA, a 50cc. and less scooter is allowed to travel legally on roads posted up to 35 mph, but is only allowed to go 29 mph before being considered a motorcycle and needing tags, etc.

That doesn't make a lot of sense to me since most cars are going at least 5 over the posted speed. Doing 29 on a scoot when the guy behind you is doing 40 or better in his F250 just doesn't seem like a great idea.

For you guys with stock, small cc. scooters, do you travel on 35 mph roads? And if so, do you move over when it looks like the guy behind you is going to turn you into a hood ornament?

I ask because a have a Metro II that I have modded to run almost 35 on the flats. I can bury the needle (above 40) on downhills. We have been buzzing it around the neighborhood since we got it, but I took it into town a few weeks back for the first time ever. 25 mph streets aren't an issue, but do you guys move to the side on 35 mph streets like a bicyclist?

Just curious.

I've been thinking about getting into motorcycles and don't want to buy an overly priced bike, so I've been looking at 250 cruisers such as the honda rebel, or something similar to that like the suzuki s40(something like that). But, my real hang up when it comes to these bikes is I'm not sure I'd be comfortable on them, I'm about 6 feet tall, 140-155 pounds, would I be comfortable and not too tall for one of these bikes?

I don't want to buy too much power and go overboard when I'm such a newb. Is 250 cc enough power to get me to town on my highway?

Thank you.


Ok, you may not believe me. So I was driving down the street to get home yesterday. Then all of the sudden there are about 5 scooters. And all of the riders are Full patched Hells Angles members! Crazy.

At first I though it was a joke. But nope, they had everything. I asked them if they were real members, and they said yep and they just scoot around on these to get around the city and for doin wheelies and screwin around!

There were a couple Yamaha Zuma 125 scooters, an older Honda scooter, and I think a couple 250 cc scooters.

But thought it would make an interesting story! And we do have a chapter here in San Jose [Where my other house is at].

I've been riding for over 3 years (and that's a whole other story!!!!). My ride is a 250 cc scooter, from that "other" Japanese manufacturer. To be honest, I've loved it, and I love the excellent Honda dealership near my house.

I've been looking at other bikes for a long time, have always thought some day I'd move up to something with more power and a clutch. I've had the motorcycle safety course, and kept right up with the Harley and crotch rocket riders who sneered at my almost antique scooter. But, until now, I've never found a bike that seemed like it could do a variety of things well. I don't want some huge monstrosity, I don't like the seating arrangements on cruisers or sport bikes. I'm not out to impress anybody, outpace anyone, or scrape my knees on the ground on tight mountain turns. I ride, almost entirely alone, because I just love it. I commute to work (that's a topic all on its own, too), I run errands, and occasionally a shorter trip. The scooter is not something you do a lot of distance on, though it is fun and nimble in town traffic!

Yesterday, I fell in love. Scoping out web sites about the new 2004 Honda bikes - none of which meet my needs in any way, I came across info on the V-Strom 650. It was love at first sight! The more I read, the more excited I got! Okay, this will turn into a novel, so I'll try to get to the point here. I have so many questions I hardly know where to start!

1. I am a female rider - but I am tall (5'-10", with very long legs). Will this be a problem? It doesn't sound like a very tall bike. My scooter isn't, either, but it accommodates long legs easily. I read that optional seats will be availabe to raise the seat height, but none is yet shown anywhere.

2. Any ideas on the predicted reliability of the V-Strom 650? I do not work on bikes, and don't really want to. The little free time I get, I want to ride, not tinker! I'm spoiled, with an ancient, but bulletproof, scooter. I am fanatical about maintenance, but don't want a garage queen! I need durability AND dependability.

3. How long will it be before used bikes of this type become available? Will the typical rider of this type of bike take decent care of it, or will they dog it out? I live in a Navy town, and many sailors give their bikes a very hard time. How do the Suzukis do on depreciation? I'm hoping to move up on a very tight budget!

4. What kind of mods would be possible for carrying "stuff"? For commuting, I have to haul business attire, my lunch, various paperwork, etc. My current arrangement is a milk crate bungeed on the back rack of my scooter. But I'd really like dry storage, and additional security would be fantastic. I'd also like the option to possibly do some touring, or to use the bike for business travel, all without spending a fortune.

5. Does Suzuki have a Rider's Club? I've liked the Honda one, and have used the roadside assistance a couple of times. It's really good for those of us who are mechanically challenged.

I'm sorry this is so long, but I'm trying to get past my initial infatuation here, and get a few cold, hard facts to cool me down before I do something rash! I have looked so long, and was starting to think I'd never find something that I like, and that meets my needs! This is the most excited I've gotten about a bike in a long, long time! Thanks for any info anyone can provide!

A buddy at work. bought a new Vespa scooter about three months ago. Its a 250 cc scooter (I think). Before he bought it I suggested that he look around and either get a small lightweight motorcycle, or get a more powerful scooter. He spent about 6000 bucks on it, and only got 250 cc. Geezus...for that kind of money he could have got something better such as a motorcycle: like a 500cc bike, or he could have got a Burgman (maybe up to 650 cc) which is one of the best scooters there is right now.

Why would he get a 250cc Vespa ?

I'm still kicking around the BV 500 vs. Scarabeo 500 decision (recent discussion in the Piaggio BV 500 thread) and have added the Vespa GTS 250 to the mix to make things a little more interesting (and maybe to prolong having to decide since shopping is part of the fun). I've bought some new bikes at local dealerships, but most of my bikes were purchased used on eBay. But there are so few late model scooters on eBay right now, probably because of the recent run on scooters by cagers looking to economize. And prices are sky high for used scooters (on eBay and craigslist), to the point where you are better off buying new, getting the warranty, etc.

So I'm calling around some of my local dealerships today and find out that one of them has THREE new Vespa GTS 250s in stock, two 2008s and one 2009 (for $300 more). I can't believe it! I'm going to test ride one on Saturday morning.

So what do you think about the GTS instead of one of the 460cc maxi-scooters? My typical use will be to commute to the office (12 miles) or running to the local Wegman's grocery store (2 miles). I'm thinking a 500 cc scooter might be a bit of overkill. I won't be touring on it - I have a Honda ST1300 and Triumph Sprint ST for that. But I want to be able to get on the highway if needed and keep up with cars, so the smaller LX -series Vespa scooters probably won't suit.

Is the Vespa GTS as much fun as the more powerful and better handling Scarabeo 500/ Piaggio BV 500?


There is no doubt in my mind that Scooter prices the world over, with the possible exception of North America, are being very heavily controlled by dealer network cartels, manufacturer bullying of independent dealers, rationing, artificial price hiking and control freakery by the world's major scooter producers, with of course the notable exception of most Chinese producers.

The result is that we have the absurd situation where new "premium" scooters like the Vespa 250's and other Piaggio scoots (eg MP3 and Xevo's) at the top of their ranges are now being sold in Europe at prices approaching that of a one year old whole small car, which in case you hadn't noticed, has four wheels, a state of the art engine, a large boot, substantial amounts of aluminium and steel, sophisticated suspension, four seats, a roof and six expensive glass windows included in the price, let alone air conditioning, electric windows a sub frame, chassis, four disc brakes, a radio and a sun roof as standard. Contrast that with a scooter with a cheap as chips frame, a tiny engine, two wheels and a slab seat, a handle bar and a cheap plastic screen, all sold for sky high prices. On this basis you would expect the average scooter, even the quality ones, to be built at a cost that is at almost a quarter of the average small car, and in some cases a sixth or less compared with budget four wheeled vehicles.

Economies of scale is not an argument here, since in most Euro countries like Italy and spain, scooters sell in hundreds of thousands, and they are making a whacking great profit through no other reason than price control.

In the Uk, which has a relatively small market, we are seeing a typical 250-400cc Scoot being flogged for a premium £4000-6000. In US money that is up to a whopping and scandalous $8000. How do they get away with it? Simple. From the biggest manufacturer (Piaggio) to even Taiwanese imports (SYM) a draconian and fascist control is exerted on any person who applies for the deep privilege of being a badged dealership.

The Scooter market has reached a point of total absurdity, whereby so-called iconic scooters are being peddled at up to twice the price they should be, against the equally absurd cheapo Chinese offerings which are made in sweat shops by slaves for pennies in wages and then marketed as clones of well known makes at a price which must carry a profit of barely 50 or so dollars. Both extremes are disturbing. In any country in Europe, surf the net for days looking for a single dealer that is selling at less than manufacturer's recommended retail price and you will fail. The network is controlled with an iron hand. Any dealer offering so much as 20 Euros off the RRP is soundly thrashed and ex-communicated.

From the customer point of view buying is an excercise in feeling you are privileged to even be allowed to visit a dealership, most of which are many miles apart, and purchasing from which the customer is forever beholden to that dealer for spares, excessive servicing costs, delays, unreliability and the feeling that he is trapped in a spiral of monopoly costs. If scooters were that rare it would be understandable. But scooter sales in southern Europe are astronomical. Yet no economies of scale are being passed to the consumer. The European Scooter Industry is about as remote from the customer as it possibly could be, much as the car industry was until someone in the UK around 1998 woke up to the fact the UK customers were paying about 30% more for the same car than everyone else in the world.

The US has always had a much more consumer oriented vehicle industry and it is not surprising that, as with motorcycles in general, prices in the US are substantially lower than the whole of Europe. The reason? Because US dealers are more competitive, serve the customer better, and have successfully escaped from the bondage which manufacturers and importers imposed on them.

Europe really needs to wake up to the scandal of grossly excessive Scooter pricing. I would urge all Euro customers to vote with their feet. The best example of price hiking must be the Vespa GTV 250 cc "retro" scoot, which for the placing of the headlight on the front mudguard instead of the bars, and a stitched leather seat, you pay a whopping £4000 (yes that's around $8000 for a tiny scoot, charming though it is) which will lose a quarter of its value the second you ride it out of the dealer showroom. That's a huge premium to pay for an "icon", however cute.

The problem is Europeans are terminally shy when it comes to challenging a dealer price. We collapse under the weight of the glossy brochure and geographical rarity of a dealer, knowing we have 100 miles to travel to another "local dealer". So we cave in and cough up.

We have a lot to learn from the price-savvy Americans.

What do you get when you cross a 50 cc vespa and a 600 cc engine ? This battle scooter which runs. more info here.

Hey I got an opportunity to buy a 71' triumph trailblazer 250.

I am thinking of making it a little street tracker.

Here is a pic of the actual scoot:

The bike is running with spot on compression it needs a Battery and the harness re-installed for the lights which are missing no biggie (I think). It still has the spedo and the original key. Well the price is $650.00 and it is local so no delivery.

Anyone have any experience with these scoots and what should I be looking for.

Thanks for your time

Very simple I like bikes an a Scooter is something I would like to buy one day. I had my city bike and got hit from behind last month so it was the end of that. I wanted something fast and/or better 2 up (curent bike is a KLR 650) but everything that I like is over my buget. So I was thinking smaller is better, a 250 cc? maybe, but what about a scooter, there is this 100 CC Honda Activa, Big siter to the Elite, and sells for around $1,700 USD and I like it.

How ever my machoego has a little problem that could easyly be kill, the Activa gets around 80-90 mpg and that alone is almost a machoego killer, so returning to my question why did you bought your scooter?

By the way I would use it in the city and to come to work, a 3 mile each way affair (so no problem for speeds) also parkin is secure since everybody knows me.

Thank you


well being super busy at school and work I have been looking outside my window and asking about my next scooter, so I was making a list and chekin it twice x 10 and I had to ask my self, another scooter? why? and since I like 2 wheels more than to think I said, just cause!

So, I have a 100 cc scooter that is a lot of fun, and loving it, 1.3 years and still in love, and now that the cold weather is gone, is more fun... I am looking at my next summers and I see no real long trip that I could take so I have cross off the Big ones, (sw, bman, tmax and such) so I was thinking of a small upgrade to a 125-150? that is all that is available here, if I cross the border then I can get 200-250 but the price then becomes my enemy, then again, preloved? why not....

So it goes on and on.... Can wait to see what santa brings !!! and let's hope the US dollar keeps falling

do you stop dreaming of the next one?

I have had a MC license for about a year and have been riding a small CC scooter which I find works well for my needs except that there is not enough power/top speed and the braking power (or lack thereof) is frightening. Both are pretty major issues! I have been looking at 250cc scooters as one option and MCs as another, recently I have been leaning towards a bike as the better overall value.

I'm ready to move to something that will work great in the city, run on the highway when needed and is comfy for riding at least 1-2hrs.

I'd prefer new if I can as my luck with used vehicles isn't stellar and I don't have space to do any maint/work currently. Would consider used though if the price is right.

My criteria demands a rear disc brake - I don't want to hear about how 70% of braking is up front, drums are plenty, etc, etc. I am 100% positive that this is a must. I know, bummer since this rules out a lot of great, cheap Japanese bikes in the low CC classes but it is part of my "must include" list.

I like tachometers but can always add one.

EFI would be nice.

Bike should be able to cruise at 70mph but doesn't need to go more than 80-90. I mostly ride 50mph or below areas but need to be able to keep up on the highway if needed. Adequate power is fine by me, I do not want a rocket or wheelie machine.

City handling/splitting is important, canyon carving not so much - I have a tricked out Miata for cornering.

Seating can be for one, I don't have plans for a passenger.

The bikes that look good to me, manageable size-wise (I'm 5'7", 125lbs, 30" inseam), and priced somewhere I can afford (

Can anyone give me advice on a good place to rent a 50-150 cc scooter to ride around Tacoma for a few days while on a business trip? We just want something with which we can go wandering around and exploring in the city.

I previously asked the question on whether the Honda CB 400 Automatic would be a good beginner's bike for my friend. We decided he wanted a small 250 cc geared bike since he wants to not be stuck with just automatic motorcycles.

But my question is would one of these sell good? That one is still there for sale. It looks great, 78 CB400A nice blue paint job and the engine is great. Only problem is it has no spark, which is why it won't start. But other than that its great, good compression, etc.

I think I could get it for under $400. I am thinking get the electrical system going and sell it. I heard some mention they sold these for $1000+, do you think I could get $800 or $1000 for it if its perfectly running and sound?

I know not everyones going to want it. Most riders want gears. But I'm thinking I'll have to wait and get the right person. Maybe someone who just doesn't want to shift anymore, doesn't want to learn how to shift but wants to upgrade to a bike from a scooter, someone who doesn't want a scooter nor wants to shift? Any ideas if this would sell? I just don't want to end up wasting money on something that I won't really need. Thanks in advance.
I thought I would post the link for this guys DIY replanment muffler for a Yamaha 250cc scooter clone? .

I am not a scooter or motorcycle expert, and I was wandering the quality of the new chinese scooters. A friend of mine was considering a new 250 cc chinese scooter. I told him that there are a lot of shitty chinese scoots, and I was wandering the general quality of them.

I was viewing Sportsman Matt's thread on the look alike Ruckus, and I have seen some very cheap scooters on that site. I mean for $1600 shipped to your door for a 250, they can't be that great of scoots, can they? He does not want anything for serious transportation, just a little scoot for zipping around town on. He, like me also rides a Harley, but just was looking for perhaps a smaller bike for around town, a 10 mile commute, and shorter distance while keeping the Harley for trips and such. He does not have much of a budget.

So I was wandering the general quality on these. Are they crappy bikes, or are they OK? I certainly don't expect anything near Japanese quality, but would they get the job done for this? Or should he look into saving for something better? And what have your general experiences been with them?

Here is the kind I am talking about:


I have a 35 mile daily commute. I'm considering trading my 2nd motorcycle for a scooter for this commute. I need better weather protection for when cold weather hits.

Has anyone moved from a motorcycle to a large cc scooter? Thoughts? Is the weather protection sufficient?


Due to so many scooter brands dying I was think it would be helpfull if we started a thread about what engine and parts can fit on what. Eg the the helix is cFMOTO , Fashion Qlink Legacy, Sapero and Commuter 250 , tank? ,.roketa and quite few 250 cc go carts.

I live in Central Pennsylvania in the mountains, you need a motorcycle or scooter with enough reserve power to climb these mountain roads and to keep up with the 65 mph speed limit on mountain highways.
Friend stopped by yesterday wanted to look at my scooter, he said he's going broke paying $200 per week in gas in his car driving to work, he was never on a motorcycle or scooter before but he wants to buy one so he can save money on gas, he was at a Yamaha Dealer got a price on a V Star 250 cruiser bike, he wanted my opnion.
I told him the V Star 250 is a good bike, but will it keep up its speed climbing steep mountain roads ??, and will it get good gas mileage when you have to gear it down and scream the engine to climb that mountain?
There is a fine line about gas mileage in a motorcycle or scooter, if the engine is too small and you have to max out the throttle every where you go, then you won't get good gas mileage, but if you get a bigger engine where it doesn't have to work as hard to keep up speed, you get good gas mileage.
He never thought of that and nobody explained that to him except me.
I say a 650 or 950 Yamaha cruiser bike would get around the same gas mileage as the 250 cc.
I suggeted a bike bigger than 500cc and as a new beginner that a sport bike is easiser to ride.
He wanted a Tmax like I own he can get one really cheap, but he's not impressed that it only gets 42-44 mpg and it runs on super unleaded, he wants a bike-scooter that gets 70 to 100 mpg, but like I told him he will NEVER see that high gas mileage when he has to labor the engine climbing steep mountain roads.

Just throwing this out there just to see if you guys agree with me, if I told my friend the right thing or not.

I also told him if you pay $5K for a motorcycle to save money on gas, it will take forever to make up what you saved on gas, the real reason for owning a motorcycle or scooter is for the fun factor.

no,,,, he didn't ask for a test ride on my Tmax, and I didn't want him riding it anyhow, he has no experience.

hey im looking to buy a battery charger for my 50 cc scooter. what are good types like float or etc... and good brands

I finally have to admit, I want a scooter!

I've fought it off for a couple of years, but it just keeps growing.

The last straw happened last Thursday. Cool and wet, there were only two bikes in the MC parking area. My DR650 and a little Chinese scooter. I'm way early, so I'm just sitting on the curb near my bike. A guy comes walking up, helmet in hand.

Naturally a conversation ensues. He was talking about how cheap he got his scooter and how he did several small mods to improve it's performance... I'm thinking it was kinda cool, but still too small.

When he left it was on the back wheel..... Why that just pushed me over the edge, I don't know.

But this is my official, "Coming out of the Closet." announcement.

I want a freaking SCOOTER!

The shock of admission still has my brain spinning. I'm not sure what to look at.... 50cc~250+cc? Honda, Yamaha, Linhai (not scared of Chinese scoots in the least), an old Vespa??

It makes no sense. I keep telling myself that a Ninja 250 would be a better buy as it's a real bike.

The only criteria that I can come up with is that it needs to be fairly cheap, reliable and I'd really prefer that it's capable of 65mph or more. (less than that and I couldn't commute on it)

So what now?

BTW... I'm weird, I like the old Honda Helix scooters, they have that funky/cool 80's styling.


When I first came to the US I trawled Craigs list for something fun and different that would get me on 2 wheels without breaking the bank.

Well this was what I got myself - a 1970's 1,000cc Moto Guzzi 'Convert' with automatic transmission no less. A 1,000 cc Scooter!

She was big baby with twist and go accelleration.

Notice the lever above the flloorboard. This was to change from normal to high ratios in the automatic box for hills.

I sold her (for more than I paid for her) when I bought my first Beemer (R1150R) to a guy in Seattle, who is now restoring her back to new condition.

She didnt go fast, but was very relaxed to cuise the coast roads.

I cant believe I sold her.

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